• Business Consulting and Tax

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm has gained significant experience in the processing and design of corporate reorganizations and business strategies for the purpose of prevention of crisis resulting from fluctuations in the market in which a company operates.
    The firm then encourages the application of the best legal and economic instruments, and fiscal policies through the establishment of corporate vehicles of Trust, purposely designed, and/or entering into Family Pacts.

    Particular attention is paid to the study of organizational tax consequences of each transaction.


    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm has matured over the years, gaining expertise in the establishment of commercial companies and cooperatives, defining the appropriate legal structure commensurate to the purposes and structure of the enterprise being served. The main activities of the firm are as follows:

    • Constitution and drafting instruments of incorporation, articles of association and shareholders’ agreements.
    • Planning and consultancy for extraordinary transactions.
    • Acquisitions and divestures, corporate restructuring.
    • Liquidations, mergers, transformations, spin-offs.
    • Managing transactions, judicial and extra-judicial.

    Business Contracts

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm has also gained specific expertise with respect to contracts, and is able to provide:

    • Assistance in drafting contracts of enterprise (joint venture, joint venture consortium, temporary groups of undertakings of the horizontal and vertical types, agency, distribution, business procurement, license and marketing, franchising, procurement, supply, mandate, sale, lease, etc..).
    • Assistance in drafting contracts with consumers.
    • Advice and assistance in resolving problems with suppliers and third parties.
    • Assistance in the negotiation and conclusion of contractual agreements.

    Insolvency and debt restructuring

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm has developed specific expertise in bankruptcy law and judicial consultancy, integrating aspects of corporate, tax and contractual obligations.
    The main activities in this area of reference relate to the preparation of:

    • Extra-juficial agreements with creditors (banks, suppliers, government agencies, tax offices, etc..)
    • Consolidation plans of the company.
    • Debt restructuring agreements.
    • Arrangements with creditors.
    • Assistance in insolvency proceedings


    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm deals with issues of administrative law with judicial appointments before the Regional Adminiistrative Court and the Council of State.

    Litigation and Arbitration

    The main areas of competence of the Firm relating to litigation and arbitration are as follows:

    • Disputes of civil law (judgments in the field contract, tort, property and real rights inheritance, ordinary revocation, opposition to injuctions, assistance in enforcement procedures, securities, real estate and third party claims.)
    • Corporate law disputes (appeals budget for liability of directors, shareholder’s resolutions and appeals board, etc..)
    • Bank Law disputes (bank’s responsibility for security, compounding, calilng of guarantees and independent guarantees, etc..)
    • Insurance law disputes
    • Intellectual law disputes
    • Law disputes with respect to bankruptucy (bankruptcy revocation, opposition to the passive state, complaints, etc…)
    • Market securities and financial disputes (disputes on financial instruments, prospectus liability, liability of intermediaries, etc…).
    • Assistance in arbitration proceedings

  • Real Estate

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm provides advice in the field of real estate transactions related to development and marketing, while providing services to employers and owners. In this context, the firm provides assistance in every phase of operations focused on the acquisition, sale and development of real estate, in the assessment of legal issues related to real estate purchases and financing, as well as the examination of building codes and zoning issues.

    International Activities

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm provides advice for the establishment of foreign companies, assistance in opening branches or local offices and subsequent management accounting, tax and legal, with assistance at all stages of the life of the company. Assistance in corporate transactions of transfer of the company abroad. Assistance in drafting national and international contracts. International tax planning optimization plans with national and international tax.

    Advice for buying/selling real estate in Italy and England.

    Business Consulting, marketing and communication

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm provides advice to the definition of political marketing and communication strategies in order to create visibility of the client company at the international level. It also provides advice for planning and managing start-up business.

    Employment Counseling

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm provides assistance even in litigation in the field of labor law, including assistance to Italian and foreign companies for the management of personnel, with particular reference to recruitment and termination of the employment relationship, as well as issues relating to the safety of workers.

    Litigation and Tax Advice

    Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm has specific expertise in assisting and representing taxpayers in tax disputes before the Provincial and Regional Tax Commission as well as before the Court of Cassation.

    Establishment of Trust

    Giuliano e Di Gravio, in collaboration with Corporate Advisors, management consultant Firm, offers advice for the establishment of Trust “internal” or foreign law. The use of the trust is often in the context of company law in the management of generational transfers and use:

    • For Estate Planning
    • For the execution of wills
    • At the time of separation or divorce
    • For the protection of individuals with disabilities or of children
    • To provide security in a given commercial operation
    • To finance a particular project
    • Corporate transactions, including extraordinary items (such as shareholders’ agreements, conflict of interest, corporate reorganizations, usufruct of shares, bonds, etc..)
    • To protect heritage
    • To manage the transfer of real estate or shares in a company, for the management of securities portfolios
    • For lease-back, mortgage, loan securitization.

Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm carries out its activities utilizing specialized skills for individual items on the agenda, ensuring expertise in giving advice in any specific case.

Giuliano e Di Gravio uses Corporate Advisors for accounting administrative and tax advice for its customers, as well as for the preparation of business plans aimed at preparing restructuring plans, allowing one to instantly view one’s exact balance sheet.

The Firm is able to provide instant and direct access to the data of banks of the Chamber of Commerce and to the Territory in order to receive a myriad of certifications.