The global economic situation obliges professionals in our industry to pay special attention to the borderline world of entrepreneurship, that is, to those companies which, for various reasons, are forced to bear with the negative consequences from the financial and banking fiscal pressure.

Too often these companies are not adequately protected by the contractual and creditors’ point of view and it is for this reason that Giuliano e Di Gravio Law Firm offers advice to protect the business and personal assets of entrepreneur and his family.

While analyzing the business organization we study with our client a restructuring and development plan, through tax and legal rescheduling. Studio Giuliano e Di Gravio is able to use all the necessary tools for the development of the plan, such as the constitution of foreign companies, trusts, asset fund and holdings.

We are able to manage transactions with banks, renegotiate mortgages and also give qualified assistance for coercive tax collection procedures.

We can guarantee a global assistance while we prepare a suitable company divestiture maintaining the value of the asset that is offered on the market for a transaction.