• Commercial and Fiscal Consultancy

    Modelling and planning of company reorganisation and entrepreneurial strategies in order to prevent crises and, as such, modify the structure of the entrepreneur’s referencial market.  Moreover, the firm attends to the client in family business, advising on the application of the best legal-economic and fiscal tools, and the formation of the Trust and the Family Business.


    Corporate Consultancy

    Formation of commercial companies and cooperatives, settlement of the legal structure adapted to the enterprise and the social aims, all in harmony with the business size.  Constitution and editing of corporate charters, statutes and parasocial pacts.
    Planning and advice for merger and acquisition, and business restructures.
    Liquidations and transformations.
    Management of judicial and extra-judicial transactions.


    International Activity

    Formation of foreign companies, assistance in opening head offices, or local offices and successive account management, fiscal and legal management – assistance in all phases of the life of a company. Assistance in the business operations for the transfer of the company abroad.
    Assistance in national and international contractual editing.
    International fiscal planning with levels of national and international fiscal optimization.
    Consultancy for the purchase and sale of real estate in Italy and England.


    Business Consultancy, Marketing and Communication

    Definition of policies of marketing and strategy of communication, in order to create wide company-client visibility, also on an international level.
    Planning and management of business ‘start ups’.


  • Labour


    Litigation Tax


    Other principle fields of activity of the firm:

    Legal Department and Consultancy

    1. civil law
    2. commercial and corporate law
    3. bankruptcy law
    4. international law
    5. property law
    6. tax law
    7. embezzlement
    8. disputes
    9. contracts
    10. business administration
    11. merger and acquisition
    12. investment evaluation
    13. family business
    14. constitution trust
    15. marketing and communication
    16. company reorganization


    Studio GDG collaborates with professionals specialized in each specific matter, therefore guaranteeing tailor-made consultancy for each specific case.

    Studio GDG also collaborates with Corporate Advisors S.r.l. for account, administrative, and fiscal management of the clients themselves – allowing them to instantly have the patrimonial, economic and financial status over their companies.

    Studio GDG can guarantee direct access to the data banks of the Chamber of Commerce and the Agency of the Territory in order to obtain all types of certifications.